Barnibus Dalison


Standing 6’3" and weighting 212lbs, Barnibus is a seasoned warrior and knowledgeable sage. His once blue eyes are bloodshot after years of hard living and his black hair has turned snow white. His body is a road map of scars and tattoos that faded over his over seventy years of life.Young_Barnibus.jpg


Barnibus was born during the last major war that occured within Nuwcroi. He was one of the last hold out against Wallen Sidhealf reign as king of the Jourfieldians. After a sound defeat at Wallen’s hands, Barnibus took off and plied his arm as mercenary and warrior of hire. It was about twenty years ago after meeting a young boy that Barnibus returned to outskirt of Nuwcroi and began to gather together fellow Jourfieldians whom all question the legitimacy of Deroc’s rule. In time he joined up with the group and became Aurora’s protector. He helped team in number situation both with his strength of arms and his many years of experience as world traveler.

Recently he was assassinated by Eilain which caused Aurora to have breakdown that ended up sending them to Kalamorna.

Barnibus Dalison

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