Cael Wanta


Extremely large, Cael stand 7’4" and weights 545lbs. He has no describable face most and when it actually appears on his chest. He has large blue jewel on top of his body that serves as his brain and mean of telepathic communication. Despite his looks his gentle giant and largely afraid of life off the boat.


Cael is was rescued by Morganzia from a group intolerant local that blamed Cael for the failure of their crops. Morganziza was surprised to not see what Cael was but also to find he was a skilled wind mage. Morganzia offered him a home on ship and Cael gladly accepted.Very very shy, Cael is an oddity among the crew. Dressed in simple cloak that cover much of his body, he spend most of his time alone, due extreme heat his body produces.

Cael Wanta

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