Captian Marshall Zashtitic


Standing 6’1" and weight 230lbs, Captian Marshall is very broad and poweful man. Currently in his mid-50’s, through years of physical stress his own dark brown hair is all gone and he is now bald yet his eyes are same cold green as in his youth and he has ammass a substial amout of muscle since then.Young_Captian_Marshall.jpg


A survivor of the war that racked Melammuur over thirty years ago, Marshall has a powerful hatred of summoner. He is an expert in combat based abjuration and serve as the head of the army that keeps Arusammuur safe from the barbarian and magical beast, though in recent years he has been exiled in the wilds of Isuduru do to his outspokenness. He served as a guide and ally of the party and when the terrible cataclysm occurred at lake in Melammuur he reveal his true form as that of were-dragon and sacrificed his life in the defense of Alors De Mera; a sacrifice that was largely in vain.

Captian Marshall Zashtitic

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