Chimerai O'Shea


With obsidian red hair, brilliant jade green eyes and warm olive skin, Ms.O’shea stand at 5’3" and weights 121lbs. Hair always well quaffed and always dressed in a well tailored cheongsam, she is the the picture of beauty and elegance. But let pretty face distracts you. She is highly intelligent and effective business woman help supervise both holding of her employer ,Big Boss Yama Maou and his associate SeƱor Le Roca Negro.


Much of Ms. O’shea’s past is a mystery but what is know is that she was once a bathhouse attendant working at Big Boss Yama Maou’s favorite bathhouse. In time she became his assistant and since then has made a reputation as highly skilled business woman and extremely capable asset to the Profir Del Gradous Business Association.

Chimerai O'Shea

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