Daniel Aesmer


Standing 5’11" and weighting 160lbs, Daniel Aesmer looks very much like a very athletics yet scholarly individual with sleek and well kep star opal hair and jade colored eyes. In his blotched lab pants and well tailored shirt he looks very handsome and scholarly. Yet this is not his true form. When needed Daniel can she this false skin and show his true form: that of 12’3" one ton monster made of patchwork piece of flesh,metal, glass and energy. Golem__Noqual.jpg


Daniel once served as Dr. Viden Skabens‘s lab assistant. After a terrible accident over 130 years ago Daniel was killed but Viden was able to resurrect him in this new body. Since then he has been serving as Viden’s “face” for all his business working along with Wallace Peatros. Daniel and Wallace both seems to be a strange combination of alive and golem, both claiming to be have a soul and be really alive and not a mere semblance of life, with each having personalities and free will.

Daniel Aesmer

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