Dr. Viden Skabens


Very slim, Dr. Viden stands 6’0" and weights 143lbs. He is always dress in his lab coat and wear thick glasses. Despite easily being 300+ years old he look just over 200 years old( which is not that old for a elf). Also he has a strange sheen to him. Some thing other worldly.


Dr.Viden Skabens, along withhis formor cocosipator,Koren Terlalu, is one of the foremost expert on many matters of creating artificial life and chemical concoctions… or he was. He went off the map over 130 years ago and has rarely been seen since then. He along with his lab assitnat,Daniel Aesmer,seemed just go away one day. Daniel along with Wallace Peatros have been seen over the last couple of years but no is sure if Viden is still alive.

Dr. Viden Skabens

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