Eilan Makat, The Silent Reaper


Eilan stands 5’11" and weights 145lbs. He has snow with hair and pale blue eyes. He is extremely pale and has a large scar across his neck from an accident he suffer many years ago rendering him mute. He is rarely ever seen in person and when his is face cover by his hood and hair.


Eilan was once a bodyguard for elven dignitaries until he suffered an accident that left he severely injured and shamed. In his recovery he was approached by a shadowy figure that promised him a new life and purpose. He gladly accepted and since that time he has hunted and killed in the name of his savior. Eilan is not truly evil though, he is simply lost in his work and dedicated to living out rest of his short life in service to his master.

Eialn is a highly skilled archer. He is near impossible to find once he hides and can easily hit a target from as far as a quarter mile away. It is claimed that for ever life he takes his life is rendered a little shorter. There some that say he died many years ago and is only a ghost, a specter tasked to kill until his debt is repaid.

Eilan Makat, The Silent Reaper

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