Enaid Vildes


Standing just 5’3" and weighting 155lbs, Enaid is very short and stocking and covered in very fine layer of black hair. Enaid is a Mahrog, a primitive race of humanoids that many consider one of oldest surving mortal race though they are quickly fading away. He is covered in tattoos and regularly goes shirtless and shoeless and is never without his necklace of traditional Mahrog shaman tattoo tools.


Enaid is a highly skilled tattoo artisit that group meet in Schooner’s Bay on the island of Kyndrill. He is member of Mahrog people that inhabit the island and showed signs of being a skilled druid caster. He ended up being the source of the beast known as the Junga that was terrorizing the island’s non-native population. He was preparing a large force of Mahrog to take back the island by force but luckily Rhee was able to talk him out of it. After the recent destruction of Kyndrill and the near total genocide of its Mahrog residents it is unknown what has become of him though there have been reports of Junga like creature spotted in a number of islands.

Enaid Vildes

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