Firstmate Shercan


Standing 6’5" and weighting 235lbs, Shercan is very well built and covered in dark black fur. He when not in his long traveller cloak, wears a well shined breastplate and flared pants. He has white streak that runs down his back and he still wear the wrist braces he once wore as galley slave.


Gruff but fair, Shercan, a former slave saved by Morganza, is the glue that holds the ship together. While some of more “adept” crew members might step over the line he draws, the regular collection of sailors and workers on the ship follow his order without hesitation or disagreement, mostly due fear of being eaten. Upon first meeting, Shercan seems very gruff. But that really just hides a nicer side that can come out, as long as you’re not a trouble maker.

Firstmate Shercan

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