Garath Heilsmen


Standing 5’11 and weighting 174lbs, Garath is a very fit dhampeir with black hair and red tinted blue eyes. Dressed in black leather and wide brimmed hat Garath is very sleek looking with is good since his job involves being able to move around and not be spotted. His incisor are fairly small for a dhampeir and overall his vampiric heritage does not show itself as much as in other dhampeirs.


Born in Shabluyt Dimest ( the underground city of vampire on Profir Del Gradous) Garath meets the party due to them mistaking him for the serial killer in Profire Del Gradous. Upon meeting he informed them that it be best to say out of the affair of vampires and dhampeirs but said if he needed he would call upon them for help.

He is a member of the Order of the Straight Line in which he serves as a wander, the eyes and ears of the organization, due to his and his follow wanders abilities to pass a mortal and be out in the day without ill effects.

Garath Heilsmen

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