General Marcus La Croix


General Marcus is still very good shape for a man who is nearly sixty. Standing 6’3" 220lbs he is nearly the same shape he was in when he was in his 20’s.young_marcus.jpg And though his once black hair is now shale gray and blue eyes have lost a bit of there luster he is just as capable and skilled a warrior as he ever was clad in his white and red armor, his family crest proudly displayed.


General Marcus was once a stand out major in Grimondes army until Lord Harvel overthrew the government and began hunting down all of it former political and military leaders and family. He and his daughter Persephone Yanceal fled from Grub-Bertha and settled in the Riensese Islands where Marcus has spent the last 15 years arming a training a military force to take back Grimondes as well as bring back any surviving members of any of the ruling families. After the recent astrological phenomenon he has taken his force and began to reclaim Grimondes and establish it to it former parliamentary system of government.

General Marcus La Croix

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