Iman Siniq


Standing 5’11" and weighting 165lbs, Iman is a member of a very rare and endangered race of psyonicly gifted humanoids known as the Elan. He has vibrant red hair,dazzling green eyes and very pale skin that show his turquoise blue veins that not filled with blood but instead psychic energy. He has shown the capability to become a being of pure psychic energy for small intervals of time. Iman_transformed.jpg


Iman is a skilled warrior, smuggler, thief and explosive expert that spent much of his young life dealing and stealing on the streets of numerous big cities. In his teen years he feel in with a international smuggling ring an served as there representative that worked alongside Viden Skabens’s men and helped deal out his golems as well as supply him with need components to craft them. He uses a strange form of combat that employ the uses of psychic energy to make any weapon he desires. His nickname is the Spider due to his frequent use of four small spiked chains in combat and to deftly climb walls.

Iman Siniq

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