Isaiah Valdros


Standing 6’4" and weighting 235lbs, Isaiah is dhampeir, a rare and clandestine race of half breed undead that are especially common in Profir Del Gradous. He has stark white hair and his eyes are midnight black due to his partaking of the Krev Tictic (Blood Ritual), an old and largely forgotten ritual in vampire culture. He has very pronouced incisors and is always well armed.


Isaiah is very violent and dangerous member of the Order of the Straight Line, a group of dhampiers tasked with maintaining laws against themselves and rouge vampires on Profir Del Gradous. He is a hunter with in the order is perhaps the most feared amongst his fellow hunters. Even the order’s vampire supervisors are afraid to tell him and his small posse of hunters what to do and largely let them have free rein of prey so to not anger them. His favored tactics is to employ rapid fire strikes to his quarry, quickly overwhealmin even the most savage of vampire or dhampier.He is also known to drink of the blood of the people he hunts. The group first ran into him will hunting following the trail of a vampiric serial killer.

Isaiah Valdros

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