King Deorc Sidfield, The Raven Sovereign


Deorc is a lanky 6’0" 155lbs man with grayish eyes. His long once raven black hair is know slowly tunring ash grey as well as trimmed goatee. He is also very pale and have slightly drawn face. Dressed in his ceremonial breastplate, blood red royal cape and fine silken cloths, Deorc looks very much the part of a king, albeit not a barbarian or warrior one, which in all honesty he is neither of.


Current king of Nuwcroi and older son of deceased King Wallen Sidfield, King Sidfield’s reign has seen little change to the overall status of Nuwcroi. While chaos seems have appeared in many of the nations of Grub-Bertha, Nuwcroi is still stable. This is likely due to King Sidfield close to 15 years as an ambassador for his father. He is highly intelligent, a trait rarely seen in Nuwcroi, who in general is filled with a simpler people with a older style of living. But in recent years there has been a hushed rumor that something is amiss in the Nuwcroi. Countless whispers are traded concerning the the where about of Deorc’s younger brother, Yorrick, who left Nuwcroi nearly 35 yrs ago after a disagreement with his father and has not been seen since. Also his decision to disband the Council of Seven after his father’s death left many Jourfieldian confused. But these are just rumors and here-say.

The groups interaction with Deorc showed his true nature: that of a tyrant with ambitions of domination and little concern for it consequences. He used the group like pawns to clean up his dirty work as well as see if they could become his new vanguard. After there encounters with him the group also learned that Deroc has some patron that giving him immense power. They even believe it possible Deroc is in fact one of the Demon lords given form due the visions they saw of his dealing with the Five Points.

King Deorc Sidfield, The Raven Sovereign

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