Lady Aurora Stefear


Very small and petie at just 5’1" and 112lbs, Aurora hid much wisdom behin dher teal eyes and cerde hair. Dressed in simple yet elgant robe shw and Rhee share much in common. Both of them were touched by divine power at young age and both were given as gift as well as a curse.


The daughter of lLord Harvel Stefear, The Mad Scribe and unknown priestess of Pharasma, Aurora could not be any diffent from her father. She is very kind and caring and has a gift for healing much like Rhee. In addition though she is gifted with monumental powers of seeing which come to her at cost of her very own severely shorted life. On multiple occasion he has display a connection to some form of divine power that has overtaken her and revealed numerous things to the party.

She is currently on Profir Del Gradous with the group.

Lady Aurora Stefear

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