Lord Harvel Stefear, The Mad Scribe


Harvel stands 5’3" and weighting only 115lbs, Harvel is very small man. He has small beady dark brown eyes, a jarringly bent nose which too large for his size of his head, a thin wispy mustache and crisp and dead looking brown hair. He offset this by wearing ornate robes and jewels, all perks of his status as the dictator of Grimondes.


Once a lowly scribe in the Biblosomb libraries, Harvel was approached by a shadowy figure that promised his all power he desired as well as love of woman he desired all in return for his soul. Harvel gladly and quickly accepted. . He went on to lead a revolt that overthrew the government of Grimondes over 20 years ago. Since then he has fervently hunted down and executed all traces of the old regime and any dissenters to his rule. The Mad Scribe, Lord Harvel Stefear rules over Grimondes now with an iron fist. He has been driven to completely insanity by greed, envy, a lust for knowledge and the dark magics that he utilizes.His squadrons of specially trained summoners as well maguses dole out a harsh and cruel rule over all of the land. He has a special hatred of the warrior class, due to a deep burning envy of their strength.

Lord Harvel Stefear, The Mad Scribe

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