Pirate Lord Yinera Bachana, The Black Marked Blade


Description: Standing 3’2" and weighing 30lbs with tallow yellow eyes and hair whitened from years of stress and repeated abuses, you’d think that be what makes Yinera recognizable. But that is not the cases. It is instead the numerous black marks blotched all over his skin, symbols of the various acts of piracy he’s been arrested for in numerous lands across the world. Mostly noticeable are two blade like symbols under each of his eyes outlined in red, the symbols of murders of not one but two ship captains.


Pirate Lord Yinera Bachana started life as simple criminal of the high sea and shores, abet a unskilled one, since he was often caught and imprisoned, only to weasel his way out and go about his way again. Twenty five years ago while serving a time in prison he was approached by cloaked figure that promised him eternal freedom and right to rule seas which Yinera so loved all in exchange for his black soul. Yinera agreed and watched the chain that binned him turn into black ring that grafted itself into his finger. He then reappeared in Cenerpexa with great wealth and a new found skills. He quickly assembled a deadly crew of men and overtook the rule of the nation and its great port, mostly by mass assassination and cunning use of his wealth. Now he rules over Cenerpexa from his great gallon, Gorostas-Zlatan.

Pirate Lord Yinera Bachana, The Black Marked Blade

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