Raizin Barkid


Raizin stands 8’2" and weights 453lbs and is a massive half-orge with long brown hair. At one time he dressed in slacks and dress shirt. Recently he taken to a more comfortable attire largely taken from his time as a boxer.


Raizin once served as muscle of the small time mob family that supervised the Lower East Pier Four docks of Cenerpexa. This is were the group orgianlly ran into him. The first encouter with Raizin did not go well as he left most of them in servely injured. Due to the fact that they escaped he was forced to flee beacause of his fauilre. In the his months aboard he found little rest or reprieve until he happened upon a fellow Grub-Berthaian:Romlott Bosszu. After their meeting Raizin began to serve as Romlott’s bodyguard and was shown the light by Romlott’s benefactor

Raizin Barkid

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