Randall stands 6’0" and weighs 210lbs. He is muscular but not massively so, with a just pass his peak athlete’s build. With sunset red hair and jovial looking face Randall seems a pleasant fellow. Often dressed in gold and crimson Roman centurion style armor and/or eggshell colored toga-like robe he look like a statesman, soldier, scholar and businessman all rolled into one.


The group meet Randall on Profir Del Gradious. They where introduced to him through Garath Heilsmen, whom claimed that Randall was an adviser and sometimes employer. Upon meeting them Randall said he was a fan of the group’s work and looked forward to assist them in the problem of serial killer. In addition to his blessing he also said he would be able to give them some muscle due to lose of Rico and Diego to draw of music. Thus he introduced them to Kali, another one of his associates, wished them luck and said one they reached Shabluyt Dimest another of his associates would be able to assist them into getting into and surviving in the city.

As the group set off Rhee got a strange feeling off of Randall and does not trust him completely.


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