Ricardo Ajoana de Sota Estevez Santiago III


Standing 5’10" and weighing 155lbs, Ricardo Santiago is just in good of shape is no better than he was in his 20’s. With salt n’ pepper hair and goatee and his well made and adorned robes it would never be supposed that this current dean of Iela Majica Des Mytsica University (one of the premier summoning training schools in the world) was once a fairly lanky and rapscallionious youth. He is a skilled fencer and deadly quick with his rapier and his spells. Young_Rico_s_Father.jpg


Born into the family of summoners, Ricardo Santiago is considered by many to be one of most powerful and skilled summoners currently alive. He served in numerous wars in his youth including the war in Melammuur, often leaving his wife Rosa to take care very young son Ricardo Santiago IV but soon after the revolution in Grimondes he decided to settle down and live a quieter,safer life new born daughter. Yet even to this day he still moonlight as an adviser to numerous military and magical bodies and even has been on odds adventure or two, a fact that his son would never believe due to the very antagonist relationship the two share, much of it springing from Ricardo III’s experiences in Melammuur, which left him very scarred both physically and mentally.

Ricardo Ajoana de Sota Estevez Santiago III

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