Romlott Bosszu


Standing 6’2" and weighitng 225lbs, Romolott has long history of instability. Originally he had long brown hair with grey streaks but in recent encounters his hair is well trimmed and has nearly become entirely grey except for the sides. His body is covered in scars and small patches of burns that at one time he proudly displayed but currently he wears long robes to cover both his scars and his battle worn armor. It is a common belief that Romolott prone to sadism and masochism and derives near divine pleasure from these kind of acts.


Once a captain in the Magus Iustitia( the policing force of Grimonds), Romolott left the force in last year due to the death of his fellow captian,Raoul, as well as the command of a person he calls his “dark mistress”. While in the force Romolott was famous for his love of torture and interrogation and was fear by every citizen. After leaving the force he wondered for a number of months across the world lead only by his dark mistress’s voice. In recent months he has reappeared looking healthier and sane and in the company of Raizin Barkid, a heavy from the small time mob family in Cenerpexa.

Romlott Bosszu

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