Vincent Fyre


A lean and lanky 5’11 150lbs, Vincent’s demeanor match his mind: loud, random and quite dangerous. With bright amber eyes and flaming red hair, Vincent is almost always covered in soot and ash due to his love of explosives,fire and pesh the latter which he has developed a strong habit for.


If Vincent was not such a brilliant alchemist and explosive expert he would like been locked away by now. He speaks at same speed as his pesh fueled mind: at million miles a minute. But his crazed look and strange action should cannot completely hid the true about him: his perhaps on of the most skilled demolition around and despite his madness is the resident brains in his partnership with Wallace Broch. He and Wallace have come directly to party aid twice: once to break them out of Nuwcroi and another time to break them out of prison in Isuduru.

Vincent Fyre

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