Wallace Peatros


Standing 6’7" and 261lbs, Wallace was all ready of mountain of a man with dark obsidian hair and deep turquoise color. A warrior by trade and a decorated graduate of the Arusammuur Military Academy, Wallace’s presence and physic are nothing to snuff at. Yet an even more monstrous being lies beneath this faux-exterior. Growing to 25’2" and 8163lbs of pure craggy stone, Wallace truly does becomes a mountain. Unique_Stone_Golem.jpg


Once a solider in Arusammuur Army, Wallace first meet the man he calls master and savior over 110 years ago. On that day Wallace found himself on the brink of death and Dr. Viden Skabens promised him new life and new body that would make him immortal and unstoppable. Wallace accepted and since then he has served as Daniel Aesmer’s travel companion and sheer force of muscle in their relationship.

Wallace Peatros

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