William Caecus


With his well tanned and rough skin, it is easy to see William has lived a hard life, with all 5’11 185lbs of his attesting to that fact. Hat pulled down to cover his eyes and his seemingly constantly dusty coat on to hide his irons, he is a man alone for most part. But under his brimmed hat lives a friendly fellow that has good heart and great love of justice and right.


Mysterious and complex, William is a journeyman gun for hire that calls no place home. He rides along with whatever looks promising for little peace mixed with some pleasure and steady work. Currently the Argenteus Delphini is his home and for most part he like it. It’s quite and free of old memories.

William joined the group after the were eject from the ship. He hopes get chance ply his trade as gun for hire until he can make his way back home.

William Caecus

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