Yorrick Sidhealf


Standing 8’3" and weighting 425lbs, Yorrick a massive massive Jourfieldian male with long but well kept mahogany brown hair,cyan blue eyes and wheat colored skin. When the party meet him on Kalamorna he was dressed in large furs but his common dress is simple leather pants and very pressed and kept blouse in some neutral color. Also despite being close to fifty years old he does not look a day over thirty three.


The exiled prince of Nuwcroi and King Deroc’s younger brother, Yorrick is very strange and mystical man. Once an adventurer that fought alongside a highly skilled but often dysfunctional group adventurers he disappeared overnight some fifteen years ago. When the group found meet him they had been exiled on Kalamorna by teleportation mishap. They sent a few days with him an during this time he told them of his many adventures, his now dead but much beloved companions and also explained to them perhaps what made them so special. He also revealed that he had attained demi-godhood and as such was near immortal. The last the group saw of him was when he teleported them back to Aurora whom was on Profir Del Gradous.

Yorrick Sidhealf

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