Thraxus Kuningas Zolsarc Greblud, The Ichor Soaked King


Standing 6’8" and weighting 296lbs, Zolsarc is a very large creature. His dark green skinned is marred by countless purplish scars and his left tusk is capped with Nuverian steel. His dark hair is pulled back into a well keep top knot. He is most often found in his ornate armor, covered in both jewels and scratches, both symbols of his battles.


Originally a freebian gladiator(one that chooses to fight in the area), Zolsarc only has one desire in life: to see his enemies crushed and driven before him. His desire for eternal battle,glory and wealth were all given to him by dark figure some 25yrs ago. He reveals in gore of battle and as the Thraxus Kuningas he see much of it. Despite his gory interest he rules Vereauk fairly and the gladiatorial pits have never been better stocked or streets more red.

Thraxus Kuningas Zolsarc Greblud, The Ichor Soaked King

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