Origins of the World

Origins of the World:
The Story of the Formation of Grub-Bertha

When the world was still young; fresh and dripping from the elements that brought it forth, it was a naked place; devoid of any intelligent or conscious life and unknowing of the concept of time.

In this age higher beings saw this place and relished for the chance to play and stretch their legs, removed the confines of higher planes. Strolling upon the fresh pressed sod, diving into the still warm waters and smelling the crisp warm air, these beings became intoxicated in the world’s beauty and all agreed to leave behind their old lives and start anew. These beings settled and produced the first intelligent race of the world; the giants: living embodiments of elements and powers that their parents represented. Then the giants, through their unions, brought forth their own children; the dwarfs: proprietors of the earth and all it secrets, the orcs: the heralds of the fiery fury present in all beings and the elves: children of the woods and light.

For many years there was peace and prosperity in the world. But in time a group of originators became bored with the world and tired of their children’s progeny. They began to breed with the beasts of the world and from this union arose horrid monsters and abominations. These creatures appalled many of originators and thus they exiled them to dark and varied realms of the world. Also around this time there arose new races, sprung from the union giants and their children, the varied races of the humans and halfling.

Disturbed by the forced expulsion of their “dark” children and the rising number of lower level “beings”, the disruptors declared war on their fellow originators. The giants joined in with their parents and chaos was brought into the world. The war brought new and terrible things into the world: death, famine, disease, hatred, prejudice, natural disasters, impure darkness, searing zealousness and warfare. Only a small grouping of elves, dwarves, orcs, halflings, human and giants escaped to live in peace on small continent in the western hemisphere. Though safe from the turmoil for many years, in time even that safe haven felt the effect of darkness that was engulfing the world.

As the fire of the war died out and the world healed, the originators and disruptors; with there ranks greatly thinned, agreed to leave this world behind and never meddle with world or openly war again. As a sign of this pact they agreed to remove their children from the world and reserve themselves to only observe the world.

In their rush to leave the world, they left behind a small collection of giants, who in years after the war ruled over and keep stability over people of Grub-bertha. But in time even these giants died or left to join their brethren. But they not leave world total lost. They gave hope to a group of human that were most dedicated to them. This hope was a mixture of their blood with human and a promise that they never dilute the bloodline.

As the eons passed the stories of the originators and the disruptors as well as the giants went from fact to tales of whimsy, used to scare children and entertain the rabble. Only their chosen still remember them and believe in their eventual return.

Origins of the World

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