Koren Terlalu


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Standing 5’11" and 133lbs, Koren is very frail looking and gaunt. His skin is very ashen compared to most elves. His eyes are vibrant pine green and seems slightly and hair is very thin and white.


Very quiet and introspective, Koren is mostly found in his bunk area, working on poison and antidotes. His only close friend on ship is William who often employs Koren’s less harmful wares to prank people.Distance but friendly, Koren’s time time among drows and aboleths has left very withdrawn from the world.

Koren is a highly skilled alchemist and has a connection to Viden Skabens, due to their log term partnership. He has proven to be an invaluable assest to the search for Viden and he and Rhee have formed a close working relationship.

When the group was kicked off the the Argenteus Delphini, Viden went with them and in the subsequent months he has disappeared while on Profir Del Gradous

Koren Terlalu

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