Pink Eye Morganza


Standing at 5’11" and weighting 168lbs, Morganza is a very athletic and handsome man. With his lush red hair and shining emerald eyes is quite specimen. Always well dressed and put together, even in the heat of battle, Morganza foppish nature hid a very sharp and cunning mind, a vicious fighter and highly feared and respected pirate captain.


Born on the now non-existence Whore Island, Morganza never really knew his mother and never meet his father. Ever since the age of seven he has served on a ship and quickly earned a place of respect amongst the pirate in service of Pirate Lord Yinera Bachana, The Black Marked Blade. By the age of twenty five Morganizia was in charge of the Argenteus Delphini and served as one of Yinera’s top lieutenants. But Morganza never liked working for someone else and quickly defected from Yinera and since then has sailed sea and assembled a ragtag crew.

He came to meet the group due to his friendship with Barnibus Dalison and the group traveled with Morganza for a number of months. In time though a number of disagreement lead to group being peacefully ejected from ship.

Soon after Morganza sailed off to compete in Free Captain Regatta so he could win a place on place pirate council as well as a audience with pirate king, Kerdak Bonefist, who Morganza believes is his father. During the Regatta, Morganza ended losing both his ship and much of his crew and is currently marooned in the Shackle Islands.

Pink Eye Morganza

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