Randall Brightstar


Randall stands 6’4" and weighs 245lbs. He is muscular but not massively so, with a just pass his peak athlete’s build. With sunset red hair and jovial looking face Randall seems a pleasant fellow. Often dressed in gold and crimson Roman centurion style armor and/or eggshell & vermilion colored toga-like robe he look like a statesman, soldier, scholar and businessman all rolled into one.


A man with more myth than facts to his name; Randall is all at once one of the more recognizable men for those in the known yet over all his past is shrouded in mystery. What is known is he is in his 60’s yet has the physic and presence of a man half his age. He is cunning yet kind; a skilled negotiators and vorpal sharp mind for business. His resource seems limitless and his endeavors and companions span much of the known world.

His association in the Trifectum springs from his desire to both be in the known of what is happening around the world, a fierce hunger for rare artifacts, a general sense of where is the most philanthropic areas to spend his fortunes, and a brain keen to known that no man is an island and having the might of two of the best organized paramilitaries in the world is never a bad thing.

Randall Brightstar

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