Character Creation

  • Point Buy Amount: 25
  • Starting Level: 4
  • Starting Wealth: 3500gp
  • Chose two traits to start with
  • All class are open, though be sure to run any odd ones past me

An added layer to charecter creation in the inculsion of choosing a faction to be part of. As background all of you will have either been working or just started working for one of the three leaders in the Trifectum: General Marcus La Croix Odysseus Radford Randall Brightstar. Each one gives their own benifit.

Randal’sl Benefit And Alignment Requirements: Get an extra General Feat at creation and choose any combination of Wondrous items up to 3000 gp; Can be NG,CG,LN,TN,CN

Marcus’s Benefit And Alignment Requirements : One extra Combat Feat at Creation and Start with either a +1 Weapon and +1 Armor/ +1 Weapon + feat associated with it/ +2 Armor; Can be LG,NG,CG,LN,TN

Radford’s Benefit And Alignment Requirements Either one extra Combat Feat/Channeling Feat and Start with either Bane/Planer/Guardian/Grayflame Weapon and Bolstering/Champion/Defiant/Deathless Armor or Weapon as described above+ Religion feat or Armor as described above+Religion feat+masterwork silver totem of PC’s religion; Can be LG,NG,CG, LN

A fourth alliance can be made but it is a secret one with the yet to be reveled main villain in the game. If anyone would like to be the turncoat character, speak to me and we will see what you’ve got.

Any and all questions are welcome. Feel free to ask about more background, campaign info,setting info or etc.

Character Creation

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