Nuwcroi: Stronghold of the Jourfield

Located in the high steppe in the center of Grub-bertha, this is home of the assorted Jourfield tribes. Ruled over by warrior kings as far back as can be recorded, they are people set apart both culturally and heretical. In recent history they have been dying out due an ever limiting breeding stock and a long history of warfare aboard and internally.

Currently ruled over by Deorc Sidfield, son of former ruler Wallen Sidfield. Before Deorc’s rule he served as his father’s highest trusted trade adviser. Wallen Sidfield himself was a war leader that had great success in last major civil war over 50 yrs ago. Through his rule Nuwcroi saw stability it not possed in hundred of years. His death sent shock-waves through the entire continent and marked the beginning of the many of change that have happened in Grub-bertha in last 20 yrs.

Orobii Tribe: The oldest of the tribes, appearing nearly 6000yrs ago, the Orobiis are the most stringent and traditional of all the tribes. They hold the promise of the eventually return of the Giants to heart and wait patiently for it. In more recent times (last thousand or so years) they taken upon themselves to be the vengeance and inquisitors of the Jourfeild as well being violently opposed to the existence of the disruptors’ dark children.

Caddos Tribe: A brother tribe to the Orobii tribe, the Caddos are much more tolerant and peaceful people. They are deeply spiritual and thus hold the Originators and their children’s example as ideals to live by, not tools to use. They are most attuned to the will of Originators and often from their rank rises to druids and shamans of the culture.

Bezlitosny Tribe: Roughly 4500yr ago the Bezlitosnies originated. They grew from a desire held by a group of Caddos to free themselves the idea of Originators as corporal beings and instead see them as pure uncontrolled energy. This ideal that is often reflected in the culture of the Bezlitosnies. They are born berserkers and hold little interest in the comfort or control of organized society. They live in the most inhospitable areas of Nuwcroi.

Deried Tribe: Originating around the same as the Bezlitonsies from within the Orobii, the Derieds are the most war like of the tribes. They see themselves as the righteous wrath of the Originators and believe it is through contest and battle that one grows closest to the Originators. They pride themselves in their battle prowess and proudly show off their scares and wounds as badges of honor.

Domhain Tribe: The Domhains originated along with their brother tribe; the Implacables, over 2500 yrs ago from a splitter group within the Derieds. The revel in the life they have been given by the Originators and thus do all things with wild abandon and great joy, seeing their joy as the most sacred of offering to the Originators.

Implacable Tribe: Much like their brother tribe, the Domhains, the Implacables hold great joy in their gift of life and living. They do slightly differ from the Domhains in fact that they have closer connect to their father tribe of the Derieds due their joy they especially feel in battle; whether it be for glory, sport, honor or fiscal gain.

Siorraidh Tribe: A splinter group from the Derieds that arose some 1500yrs ago, they also seek battle but unlike their father tribe, they see scarring as an insult to gift of the body that Originators have given them. They fervently prepare themselves to have skin that is nigh-impenetrable and harden their body to be like iron; unbreakable and pure in the eyes of the Originators.

Steelfyre Tribe: The youngest of the tribes only arising some 400yrs ago, they are made up of a collection of all other tribes. Originating when a desire to reach out to the other races and learn from outside world, they were until recent history the most despised of the tribe within Nuwcroi. But despite the general dislike of them, in time due to their embracing of outside world they were better able to compete for power and helped usher Nuwcroi into the world as a mostly modern nation.


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